360° Coverage for the 21st Century

Following a successful pilot with a group of selected Canadian brokers, our Wood Frame Course of Construction product currently handles projects up to a total insured value of $2,000,000 with an option to write larger projects upon request. 100% backed by some of Canada’s largest, most-secure insurance companies, we are able to provide peace of mind and a consistent approach to pricing and coverage.

Driven by Digital Innovation

We're excited to be the first service in Canada to provide full integration of five separate third-party APIs including Natural Catastrophe risk assessment and world-leading, global hazard tools by one of the industry's largest reinsurers. This allows for every data point in our concise online application process to not only affect pricing and coverage, but also to inform the refinement of our future offerings.

Reclaiming the Claims Process

It's no secret that claims handling is the most effective barometer of a client’s satisfaction, but even in the best of times this process is still frustrating and stressful. With direct access to the insurer, our claims approach provides for a speedy coverage assessment and prompt resolution to any unfortunate incident. We work to ensure projects are back on track and construction can recommence in the fastest manner possible.

Looking Forward

Our commitment to staying ahead of the curve in the construction arena inspires us to offer relevant and forward-thinking insurance products that retain seamless risk transfer and help clients avoid any potential gaps in coverage. That's why we're currently working on products like Wrap Up, Master Builder Risk Blanket Policies and Contract Surety, which will be ready to launch in the near future.
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